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Welcome! My name's Scotch, and I'm a longtime shamanic healer, magical practitioner, and paranormal researcher in Los Angeles.    If you're seeking mental or physical shamanic healing — or if you're interested in magick, ESP, ghosts, or other exciting paranormal topics — I'm so glad you're here!
News & Updates
Officially a Ghostbuster
February 11, 2024
My parapsychology schooling (scientific study of the paranormal) is finally done — I'm a Ghostbuster at last! ;)

Building upon declassified U.S. government psychic research, my Ph.D. project tried to prove whether people can steal information from computers clairvoyantly.

I launched a double-blind study where 146 people from around the world tried to psychically sense information about randomly chosen picture, video, ATM PIN, & passphrase targets stored in computers located at a secret location in L.A., with submissions scored by 6 judges. Computers were not networked, had audio disabled, & screens were dimmed to black & shielded. Scotch Wichmann receiving doctorate in parapsychology

Many results were statistically significant. From thousands of miles away, some psychics described as many as 7 unique details about picture targets (a=0.05, p=0.000597) and video targets (p=0.000911). Likelihood was calculated to be on par with flipping a coin & getting heads 11 times in a row.

Some people sensed details tangentially related to psychic targets, even when the details weren't physically present. One target was a short video clip from The Shining. Some psychics sensed blood, loud heartbeats, "a mother on vacation in the mountains," and other film specifics, even though these details weren't contained in the actual clip I used — wild!!

I'll publish full results (600+ pgs!) after presenting in journals & conferences later this year. For fun, here's one submission on Instagram (click through to see all the photos).

THANK YOU to my amazing participants, Dr. C. Bishop of Wesleyan U. for his math genius, the U of Sedona for guidance, my 6 tireless judges who judged 1,752 rounds of data, and to KayDee Kersten for being my adventure buddy on this wild ride!

P.S.: Wanna be more psychic? Participants answered survey questions about past psychic experiences, which I then compared to their actual psychic performance. Based on the data, you'll have more success in your psychic endeavors if you set your intention to be psychic. Participants who BELIEVED they might be psychic were 21.8 times more accurate than doubters. xoxo

Dissertation Complete!
July 15, 2023
Parapsychology Ph.D. candidate Scotch Wichmann holding his dissertationAfter 18 months of work on my Parapsychology Ph.D. dissertation, I finally submitted it for review, defense, and approval — yayyyy! Clocking in at a whopping 658 pages, it may take months for my doctoral committee to read it all. ;)

I'm so excited my Psychic Experiment was a success. I was able to show that people with clairvoyant powers can "see" and describe secret data held in computers. The results (which were obvious to the naked eye and statistically significant) provided solid evidence that psychics can mentally access pictures, video clips, ATM PIN numbers, and passphrases stored in laptop machines. The experiment was judged by 6 independent judges (including a skeptic, a psychic, and a stage magician), and I can't wait to share more results once the paper and research are approved. Stay tuned!

The Psychic Experiment is Done!
November 6, 2022
After running for 2 weeks, the Psychic Experiment finally closed its doors to the public on Sunday, November 6. And now the fun begins: independent judges and I are analyzing the data, which will eventually become part of my Ph.D. dissertation in Parapsychology.

To everyone who participated and promoted the experiment, THANK YOU SO MUCH! The turnout was fantastic. We had professional psychics participate, but for many people around the world, this was their very first paranormal experience EVER — how amazing is that?!?

I’ll post an update here once results are available sometime in 2023. Again, THANK YOU!

The Psychic Experiment is Here — Find Out If You're Psychic!
October 24, 2022
My Psychic Experiment is live! As part of my final school project in Parapsychology — and inspired by the CIA’s STARGATE remote viewing program in the 1970s — I’m trying to prove that some people have clairvoyant powers allowing them to “see” data in computers far away — and YOU can be part of it!

Plus, everyone who participates will be entered into a random drawing to win one of three $200 Amazon gift cards!

The experiment only takes a few minutes, so check out the video, and head on over to

P.S. — Once I have enough data, the experiment will close, so don’t wait too long to join the fun! ;)

Join The Psychic Experiment October 23rd!
October 3, 2022
Photo of Scotch Wichmann holding ad for the Psychic Experiment that launches October 23, 2022 The Psychic Experiment is almost here! As part of my Parapsychology Ph.D. dissertation, I'm researching whether people can use clairvoyant powers to "see" data stored in computers, and you can be part of it!

The study is based on actual experiments since the 1970s by the CIA, U.S. Army, and Stanford that found evidence showing "remote viewing" is real — people with clairvoyant skills really can see places, people, and events unfolding in real time thousands of miles away.

The experiment goes live on October 23, 2022, and I'd love for you to participate — who knows, maybe you'll discover new psychic powers! Starting October 23, point your browser at and join the adventure!

And to learn more about remote viewing, check out these fun reads:


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